Frequently Asked Questions

Trip Planning

What time do you sail?

Generally we sail 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6. Sunset sail is two hours before sunset. Departure times vary for the sunset sail you will get an exact time when you reserve your sail. It is best to arrive 15 min prior to departure time, parking is usually available near the boat, overflow parking is at the South Jetty during peak periods.  Look for the boat with nautical flags displayed, SailVenice is on the boat and sailcover., if you arrive and the slip is empty we will return soon, there is a  bench in front of the slip with Sailvenice banners. 

How many people can you take?

Minimum of two people, maximum 6

Will it be a private sail?

Currently if you have a party of six or more your sail will be a private sail.  If your party is less than six particularly two you can expect there will be up to six guests if there is demand for your sailing time and date.  There is plenty of outdoor spacing  for safety.  Six passengers is not crowded aboard our vessel.

How long is the sail?

Sailing time is approximately two hours. We are located very close to the jetty and spend the majority of time sailing, we only motor when necessary.  

Can we go for a longer sail?

All sails are two hours

How much does it cost?



·         Times vary, generally we sail 10-12 , 12-2, 2-4  and 4-6 Sunset sail is roughly 1.5 hours before sunset


2 people $225

3 people $325

4 people $390

5-6 people $530



6 passengers maximum

If you are a party of two or four  there will be additional guests up to a total of six if there is demand

Price does not include 7 percent sales tax

We accept credit cards or  cash

What is included?

We include light snacks, cheese, meat and crackers and cookies.  Complementary  Soft drinks water and adult beverages, everything tastes better on a boat.

What are the best times to sail?

The sailing conditions are usually best overall in the morning and early afternoon, it varies by time of year, Sunset is the most popular, but the sailing is generally better during the day.  Weather is the biggest factor impacting your experience.  As a general rule earlier sails are calmer with windier conditions throughout the afternoon and evening.  Wind direction and speed are major factors, call and let us suggest the best times to go.  In the summer afternoon thunderstorms are possible after 3pm.  We watch the weather very carefully and will cancel if it is unsafe.  Our best forecast is usually the day of your sail, feel free to call for the latest sea and weather conditions

Is a deposit required, what about cancellations?

No deposit required on crewed charters, we appreciate as much time as possible on cancelations.

Is it safe for children, pets or people with disabilities?

All ages and abilities are welcome, We have many safety enhancements like higher rigid lifelines to ease boarding.  We have had a lot of pets and children on board without any problems.  There is plenty of comfortable seating and we are always there for assistance when boarding and throughout the trip.  Let us know of any special needs.

Do you accept credit cards?

All major credit cards and cash.

Day of Sail

What should I wear?

Check the local weather forecast temperatures by the hour during the time of your charter.  It is generally a few degrees cooler on the water. North Winds are cooler than South.  During transitional times sunset and morning sails the temp will vary more.  Everything will stay dry, so better to have extra clothing choices than not enough. We have blankets and wraps.

Can we go swimming?

Sorry, swimming is not available.

Is there a restroom aboard?

Yes, we recommend our guests take advantage of the Crow’s Nest restrooms before departing.

Can I take the wheel?

All guests are encouraged to participate and the best way to appreciate the power of sailing is behind the wheel.

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the South Jetty just a block to the East of the restaurant 

Is there a good place to eat nearby?

Most of our guests take advantage of The Crow's Nest Restaurant before or after a sail.

How early should I arrive?

Generally 15 min before departure time, however if you are early there is the South Jetty and the Crows Nest that are great places to kill time.

Do you take pictures?

We take plenty of great pictures and are available for free on our facebook page.


Do you offer sailing instruction?

We no longer offer formal structured sailing lessons we use our partner NauticEd.  If you sail with us, you will gain plenty of practical experience and confidence building but we will refer formal instruction to one of the ASA sailing schools in ST Pete and Ft Meyers.